Ralph’s Journey into farming

Ralph had worked as a truck driver until the state’s COVID lockdown measures cost him his job in March 2020. Ralph started driving a truck after graduating from JMU with a Physics degree. As a truck driver, he had spent 2 years Over the Road, and then he settled into the Charlottesville area as a local delivery driver for several different companies over the years (Hop & Wine, Blue Ridge Beverage, US Foods, Sysco). Now we are trying to run our farm together, and it looks like we may be able to let the off-farm work go!

Construction projects, visionary and creative ideas, novel concepts, and wasteful expenditures of both time and money are all his forte. He enjoys working to achieve harmony and efficiency in human-scale, simple, low-energy, and quirky personal machines for living through interesting times.

Ralph has struggled through his life with an undiagnosed allergy to gluten, a fact which he discovered only after meeting Katherine and being inspired by her struggle with what she believes to be Lyme disease. It is his opinion is that the larger society has become overly complex and is increasingly unreliable, and that in general the more things we can do for ourselves, and in community, the better.

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