We are looking to hire 1 full time farm apprentice  and 1 part time farm apprentices starting NOW through November or Mid-December 2019. There is year-round work potential.

Gathered Threads is a herb farm that grows and hand-crafts herbs & herbal products, vegetables, and fermented products on 1.5 acres in Nelson County, Va.  We are cultivating over 150 varieties of herbs without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We believe and practice sustainable practices for our own health, the health of the plants and animals, and the harmony of the environment.

Our outlets for our herbs & vegetables —
We have an active Herb CSA and Culture CSA 7 months out of the year.
We also attend Farmers Markets in Nelson County & Charlottesville year round
We attend other shows, events, plant sales, and herb conferences in Virginia and surrounding states throughout the year.

Depending on the season and need, the work areas may include:

  • field work (planting, weeding, harvesting herbs & vegetables)
  • greenhouse propagation (sowing seeds, taking cuttings, etc)
  • post-harvest handling of herbs (drying, processing, and packaging)
  • making herbal products
  • making and packaging vegetable cultures/ferments
  • deliveries or farmers market

This is a job for someone who is dependable, self-motivated, has a positive attitude, and is comfortable with hard work in hot or cold weather. Should be in decent physical shape as this job requires kneeling, squatting, and/or standing for long periods of time.  Need to be able to lift 35-50 pounds comfortably.


Full-time Apprentice – $800/month compensation for 40-50 hours of work per week, as well as access to farm produce, herbs, and ferments.

On-farm housing provided, with full amenities .

2 days off a week either sat & sun or Sun & Mon.  1 additional day off a month to be scheduled or build up a longer vacation

Minimum stay 6 months.


Part-time Apprentice –  Compensation based on agreed schedule anywhere from 1/2 day per week to 3 days per week.  Access to farm produce, herbs & ferments.

No on farm housing provided.  Camping allowed during  back to back work days

Minimum stay 2 months.


To apply: Please send us an email at gatheredthreadsllc@gmail.com with your resume and a short paragraph of why you are interested.