Bulk Herbs

Gathered Threads packages herbs in bulk quantities for you to use in your home or business.

If you a local customer for a local pick-up/delivery, go to https://gatheredthreads.luluslocalfood.com/ to check out our current availability list and place your order.  Click ‘shop’, then in the search bar under categories, click to view ‘Bulk foods’.  This will get you directly to our current Bulk Herbs offerings.   (To actually order, you will need to set up an account, which is free.)

If you are wanting your order to be shipped, go to  https://gatheredthreadsllc.com/farm-store-for-shipping/ and shop the bulk herb selection there.   We charge $10.95 flat rate for shipping on orders.

*** If you don’t see what you’re looking for in stock in our store (herb or quantity of herb), please email gatheredthreadsllc@gmail.com to check availability.  We ARE FARMING most of the time, and can’t keep up with inventory online.  ***  (The availability in the 2 locations should be the same, we’ve just got them set up on different platforms for other pickups we are also doing since COVID-19 started.)

Here’s a price list of our Bulk Herbs for 2020.  (*prices are subject to change*)

Gathered Threads Bulk Herbs 2020  
Agrimony Agrimonia eupatoria $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Anise Hyssop Agastache foeniculum $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Apple Mint Mentha suaveolens $25/16oz, $15/8oz, 10/4oz
Basil   $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Basil, Lemon   $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Basil, Opal   $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Basil, Thai   $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Bee Balm, Lavender Monarda fistulosa $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Blue Vervain Verbena hastata $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Calendula Calendula officinalis $65/16oz, $40/8oz, $25/4oz
Catnip Nepeta cataria $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Cayenne   $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Chamomile Matricaria recutita  
Chocolate Mint Mentha piperita ‘chocolate mint’ $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Clary Sage Salvia sclarea $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Comfrey leaf Symphytum officinale $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Echinacea Leaf & Flower Echinacea purpurea $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Elderberry Sambucus canadensis $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Elecampane Inula helenium $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Fennel Foeniculum vulgare $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Feverfew Tanacetum parthenium $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Goldenrod Solidago canadensis $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Gotu Kola Centella asiatica $65/16oz, $40/8oz, $25/4oz
Hibiscus Hibiscus sabdariffa $65/16oz, $40/8oz, $25/4oz
Holy Basil – Kapoor Ocimum americanum var. pilosum $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Horehound Marrubium vulgare $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Korean Hyssop Agastache rugosa $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Lemon Verbena Alyosia triphylla $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Lemongrass Cymbopogon flexuosus $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Lion’s Tail/Wild Dagga   $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Milky Oat Tops Avena sativa $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Mint Julep   $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Motherwort Leonarus cardiaca $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Mountain Mint Pycnanthemum tenuifolium $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Oat Straw Avena sativa $25/16oz, $15/8oz, $10/4oz
Oregano – Greek Origanum vulgare hirtum $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Oregano – Italian Origanum x majoricum $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Plantain Plantago major $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Passionflower Passiflora incarnata $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Peppermint Mentha piperita $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Red Raspberry Leaf Rubus ideaus $65/16oz, $40/8oz, $25/4oz
Rosemary Rosemarinus officinails $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Rose Geranium Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’ $65/16oz, $40/8oz, $25/4oz
Rue Ruta graveolens $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Self-Heal Prunella vulgaris $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Shiso – Britton (bi color) Perilla frutescens $25/16oz, $15/8oz, 10/4oz
Shiso – Green Perilla frutescens $25/16oz, $15/8oz, 10/4oz
Shiso – Red Perilla frutescens $25/16oz, $15/8oz, 10/4oz
Skullcap Scutellaria lateriflora $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Spearmint Mentha spicata $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Stevia Stevia rebaudiana $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Summer Savory   $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Tansy Tanacetum vulgare $25/16oz, $15/8oz, 10/4oz
Thyme, German Thymus vulgaris ‘German Winter’ $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Thyme, Golden Variegated Thymus citriodorus variega $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Thyme, Lavender   $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Thyme, Lemon Thymus citriodorus $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Thyme, Lime Green Thymus citriodorus ‘Lime Green’ $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
White Sage Salvia apiana $16/2oz, $9/1oz
Winter Savory Satureja montana $40/16oz, $25/8oz, $15/4oz
Wood Betony Stachys offcicnalis $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Wormwood Artemisia absinthium $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz
Yarrow Achillea millefolium $32/16oz, $20/8oz, $13/4oz