Gathered Threads is cultivating over 100 varieties of herbs without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We believe and practice sustainable practices for our own health, the health of the plants and animals, and the harmony of the environment.

Our focus is on medicinal herbs. Included in this are many familiar culinary herbs, which when used in stronger concentrations and specific applications are used medicinally. Or rather, many specific ‘medicinal’ herbs, when used more sparingly in the preparation of food, teas, oils, and vinegars can also be enjoyed for their delicious flavors!

You have begun to care about buying food locally and sustainably grown. We think it also makes since to consider how and where your herbs are grown. Having a local source of herbs will help you incorporate them more into your daily diet and routine, especially if you are informed on all of their uses in the kitchen and medicinally!

-Locally and sustainably grown herbs, be they culinary or medicinal, can mean more freshness and care is put into your herbs.
-Even if you are purchasing your herbs dried, you can still get a better quality from buying locally from your farmer versus the grocery store.
-Consuming locally grown herbs will help provide you with the energy and vitality of the region.
-They will help prepare and protect your body against illnesses and pathogens specific to your own ecosystem.

-By getting to know your Herb Farmer, you can learn new ways of using and preparing herbs in cooking, and also how to use the herbs medicinally in teas, syrups, vinegars, oils, extracts, elixirs, cough drops, salves, liniments, and many more!!

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