Katherine, with the help of a friends and family, has built 4 greenhouses already on our property; two larger gothic-style (14′ x 48′) high-tunnels where we are growing mainly fall/spring crops in raised beds, and two smaller caterpillar-style (12′ x 45′) hoop-houses, one of which is being used as our propagation area for our seed starts and cuttings, with the other being used to house our custom-built, one-of-a-kind, kind-of-strange, solar-powered herb dehydrator and adjacent dry herb processing area. We try to keep energy usage as low as possible and do not use supplemental heating for our greenhouses, with the exception of localized heat in early spring to keep sensitive seedlings from freezing, only heating the covered areas protecting these plants inside the propagation greenhouse. Ralph is very much about direct-solar heating and good use of insulation!

In winter of 2020/2021 we built our big greenhouse! This is a nice 3000 square foot greenhouse (30x100ft) which will help us up our game with propagation and plant sales. After 6 years of propagating plants out of a small hoop-house we are very much looking forward to having a nice big greenhouse space to work in.